15.06.2022 La Junqueira Artists Residency is very pleased to announce the 10th artist-in-residence Eduardo Freitas from September to December for our autumn season.
04.05.2022 We are happy to host the exhibition “T ERRA MOT O”, by the actual artist in residency Anais Lelièvre. The opening will be on Wednesday May 11th from 7PM to 11PM. The exhibition will be open by appointment only from May 12th to 22nd, 2022.
18.01.2022 Drum roll please… La Junqueira Artists Residency is thrilled to announce its SPRING 2022 artist-in-residence Anais Lelièvre. Anais will be with us in beautiful Lisbon from February to May 2022, culminating with an end-of-residency exhibition and a catalogue. Welcome to the family!
29.11.2021 We are happy to host the exhibition “VANDA”, by the actual artist in residency Alice Guittard. The opening will be on Thursday December 09th from 7pm to 11pm. The exhibition will be open by appointment only from Friday December 9th until Thursday December 16th.
15.07.2021 Drum roll please… La Junqueira Artists Residency is thrilled to announce its Autumn 2021 artist-in-residence Alice Guittard Paris-based artist Alice Guittard’s project in Lisbon will be centred around the plants, especially the cacti, of Tapada das Necessidades, a lovely park located not far from La Junqueira, in Alcântara. Alice will be with us in beautiful Lisbon from September to December 2021, culminating with an end-of-residency exhibition and a catalogue. Welcome to the family!
11.06.2021 We are happy to host the exhibition “A Necessidade do Gesto,” by the actual artist in residency Pauline Guerrier. The opening will be on Friday 11 June from 19:00 to 00:00, with a performance by Ilan Gratini at 20:00. The exhibition will be open by appointment only from Saturday 12 June to Sunday 18 June.
19.03.2021 La Junqueira Artists Residency is very pleased to announce the arrival of the artist Pauline Guerrier, our seventh resident who will develop a ceramic project with the dancer Ilan Gratini from March to June 2021. By the age of 29, Pauline Guerrier had spent most her lifetime attending workshops in Italy, Portugal, Chile, the Maghreb and many other countries meeting weavers, glassblowers, stone builders, glaziers, mosaicists and many artisans. These workshops helped her observe, analyse and learn about artworks around the world. In an ardent quest to learn ancestral techniques, The topics of Ecology, Science, Faith, and Belief interested her a lot and led her to carry out further researches in those fields. The work has no technical or spatial limit. It is fascinating to see the drawings and the sculpture works that addresses several inexpressible emotions within it.
11.12.2020 Eric Michel show and catalogue “Luz Azul” curated by Rébecca François. From 11 December 2020 to 9 January 2021. “In his work on light, Eric Michel tries to capture, if only for a moment, the apprehension of the world as a set of vibrations and interactions.”
21.09.2020 Visits by appointment this week (until saturday), and on the opening day, visitors visiting the show, checking the beautiful new catalogue (more on that soon), drinking the infusions, and reading the curatorial text. Despite the restrictions of this year, art exchanges are going strong at the residency! Thank you everyone! We are so happy to have you!
11.09.2020 Newest artist-in-residence from September to December 2020! Please welcome french multimedia artist Eric Michel for our autumn residency at La Junqueira. He started to learn music and painting at the age of nine through Martenot artistic education method. He initially focused his activities on music, starting with classic then shifting to rock and underground, before moving back to visual arts toward the end of the 80’s. After advanced studies in mathematics and economy, Eric started a carrier in international finance, while pursuing his artistic activities. He has made numerous exhibitions in Tokyo where he was living until 2002 as president of an American financial firm. In December 2003 his work was presented at Senza Frontiere international biennale art exhibition in Kawasaki, and since then, his work is regularly shown at museum, galleries and contemporary art events around the world.. We are thrilled to see how he will interact with the Portuguese context, and Lisbon in particular. Welcome Eric!
01.04.2020 They decided to stay! Our artists in residence, while complying with all the safety measures, will reinvent their work and adapt to the circumstances. “During this time of uncertainty, we decided to carry on with our residency at La Junqueira residency and see how it can be adapted to sanitary measures. It’s a challenge for us and our practice, and we hope to be able to share about this experience at the end of our stay. “Warm regards to all of you. Take care of yourselves.” Thank you artists for trying to making it work gently!
02.03.2020 Graduated from the National high school of art Villa Arson, Nice, Marie Ouazzani was born in 1991 in Lille, France. Graduated from the National high school of arts Paris-Cergy and of a Master in Cinema, Sorbonne Nouvelle, Nicolas Carrier is born in 1981 in Brive, France. Working and living together since 2015, Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier followed the post-graduate program offshore in Shanghai and attended several residencies in France and abroad (Jordan, South Korea and China). Their work has notably been screened and exhibited at the Art centers of Mains d’Œuvres (Saint-Ouen), Villa Arson (Nice), 3 bis F (Aix-en-Provence) and Darat Al Funun (Amman), at the Biennial of Lagos and Odessa, the 61st Salon de Montrouge, at Gaité Lyrique (Paris), Glassbox (Paris), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Catalyst Arts (Belfast), Gyeonggi Creation Center (South Korea). In 2018, they received the Fonds régional pour talents émergents (Forte) from Île-de-France region for their film exposition Périphérique. Ouazanni & Carrier are the fifth residents of the Junqueira residency from March to May 2020.
07.02.2020 La Junqueira Residency is delighted to invite you to the launch of our newest catalogue (#4) of the exhibition curated in december 2019 by Nuria López de la Oliva “No Place Like Home” Friday 7 February from 18:00 to 21:00.
05.11.2019 Resident artist Hope Strickland auntie’s passport photos. She’s not sure from when exactly but she only moved to the United Kingdom when she was 16.
29.10.2019 Our curator in residence Nuria López de la Oliva working at the Journeys Festival International opening night (hosted at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester), a festival that explores refugee experience through great art.
23.10.2019 Detail of Lilla Szász ongoing project that explores the ramifications of those who had to leave the Portuguese colonies after the carnation revolution in 1974. Work in progress for our upcoming show.
16.10.2019 What is Tulani Hlalo going to do with fabrics? She sent that photo from Leon’s Fabric Superstore in Manchester to our resident curator Nuria López de la Oliva, ahead of the work she is preparing for our show in December
15.09.2019 La Junqueira Residency is very pleased to announce that the group show curated by Nuria López de la Oliva has been selected for the fourth residency from September to December 2019. Many congratulations to the selected artists: Lilla Szász, photographer from Budapest, Rita GT, performer artist from Lisbon, Hope Strickland, documentary films from Manchester, Tulani Hlalo, video artist from Manchester.
02.05.2019 Louis Heilbronn’s exhibition “Views on Views” from 14 May to 10 June 2019, from 14:00 to 21:00. Visits by appointements from 20 May to 10 June. FEA focus Day: 15 May 2019 from 14:00 to 21:00.
02.05.2019 We launched Louis Heilbronn’s “Views on Views” catalogue this weekend. Hot off the press just like Lisbon’s weather these past few days. His show, drawing from Portuguese history, personal reference, and fiction, explores the language of photography and video, to make unnatural yet telling associations.
04.03.2019 La Junqueira Residency welcomes the photographer Louis Heilbronn. Third laureate during the next spring session from March to June 2019. Louis Heilbronn is a French-American photographer based in New York. He is known for his style of flow of consciousness and his “chronicles of the ordinary”.
14.12.2018 La Junqueira Residency is pleased to invite you to the opening of Kevin Rouillard exhibition “7j/7”. He will present his work done during his last 3 months residency. Opening 14 December 2018 from 19:00 to 00:00. Exhibition from 14 December 2018 to 6 January 2019.
01.11.2018 Kevin Rouillard’s last works for la junqueira residency. Great job!